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Holy Alter Fire of Love

Mojave Sunset Dec 30, 2012

Dear Readers,

I just started taking this totally rad class called, Masterful Living, taught by Rev. Jennifer Hadley. Wayyyyy back ago when I first started my blog (I’m sorry I’ve been absent), I talked about the Rev., and then I got sidetracked by animal guides, psychics, and a bajillion other metaphysical intel. OK – all of the above, I’m still on board with – but all at once was too overwhelming and frankly – I crashed. So I’m back to A Course in Miracles and Rev. Jennifer Hadley who is the radest of the rad.

So to sum up the course… oh goodness… I couldn’t do it. I guess it’s about becoming more conscious about how Love conquers all. And that we are all one, so if we all love – we’ll all heal. And… hmm… OK guys, it’s only January 9 so we’re 9 days in and you’re going to need to cut me a little slack here – I will write more about it soon – it’s 52 weeks long. Not an after-thought, but God is for sure involved as well. There are exercises and homework which I’ve found very helpful – especially the forgiveness letter AND a great community of folks from all over the world!

So I’ve been trying REAL hard to be more loving, non-judgmental, Christ conscious, forgiving… etc… REALLY hard. Maybe too hard? Because I was tested today and failed with a great big F – oh and I used a word that started with the letter f as well (more than 1x), and it wasn’t farfegnugen. I’m told that once we really commit to leading a more holy existence, then God will put roadblocks in our way to test us. Really? That doesn’t sound very holy or God like to me. I really think I may have just had a crappy day.

So I keep listening to the Rev talk about the holy alter fire of love (LOVE that saying) saying my prayers at night (and whenever I feel like it) and having little chats with myself – saying things like, “Hmm… how do I know it’s what I want or what God wants me to hear?” Good grief. This is more complicated than I thought it would be. As my cute little winter friend says, “fer sure, dude.” Whatever… I’ll just keep starting over every time my brain explodes because of a perception (ACIM says it’s a false perception) and ask for patience, love, patience, love, patience… I guess if my dog can wait all day for me to come home so he can go out and piddle, I can be patient with myself each time I slip and say words that start with the letter, f.

Fer sure, dude.


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  1. No worries. The road is full of pot-holes, we stumble a lot, and then we help one another get up and keep going! Happy new year! xoM

    January 10, 2013

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